Welcome to Aedesign, home to Allan Estabillo’s work. A freelance consultant in digital media design and production.

Aedesign recognizes no two projects are exactly the same and no two clients have the exact same needs. Empathy is our game. We aim to get inside the heads of the user. An iterative conceptualization processes with a focus on emotional design and empathy-centered use-case studies drive our method.

Aedesign taps into diverse forms of digital stimuli to enchant, intrigue and immerse the user. From mobile, off-screen and on-screen, Aedesign executes with confidence, grace and a dash of magic.

Give us a call or setup a meet. Let’s bring your vision to life and have some fun along the way.



Allan Estabillo
Designer, Animator, Programmer, Student

“Great ideas are born on paper. Their metamorphosis into flight and flower manifests in smiles on faces.”

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