US FITC Installation

  • Direction
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Programming




Artistic Statement: US is an exploration of portraiture in the 21st century. Portraiture and photography serve not only as a means of preserving memory but have come to be an extension of the human faculty of vision itself. Images have become more and more the way we make sense of our world.

Enter your name and watch US crawl google for hits. A mosaic of images are spawned from cyberspace and assemble a relief from the image of the viewer via the webcam. Semantically, the images are related to you by name and also physically, as the position of the image in 3D space is intrinsically linked to the physical index of the light from your face coming in via the webcam. A number of information translations occur from analog to digital, to manipulated digital. Use the Wii to explore the unique portrait, comprised not only from you, but US.